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Di Strong – Authorised Marriage Celebrant | Hobart

Chardonnay Ceremonies

Di Strong – Authorised Marriage Celebrant | Hobart

Professional Services

You will receive a high level of service, inspiration, guidance and support in planning your special day.
  • Scheduled meetings with me to determine your ceremony requirements
  • Access to sample ceremonies and resources
  • A rehearsal at ceremony location or other suitable location
  • Communication through email and telephone
  • A commemorative ceremony certificate
  • PA system
  • Use of signing tables and chairs
  • Officiating at your marriage ceremony and ensuring all legal components are adhered to.
  • The lodging of legal documents after the marriage has taken place and in the prescribed time
  • Preparation of a ceremony keepsake.



You both must be very excited about planning your wedding day.

A day that will be the beginning of a new chapter for both of you.

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life.

I will ensure your ceremony is planned as you want it to be on the day.

It can be formal or as casual as you want.

Your wedding day can take place on a beach, in a garden, at home, a special place chosen by you or a formal venue.

As your celebrant I will help you create a ceremony that will reflect your thoughts and feelings for each other and how you want to express these on the day.

Together we can achieve this and more, make it a memorable ceremony to remember and treasure.

Intimate & Personal Ceremony

Some people are shy about declaring their love for each other in front of a lot of people. The Intimate and Personal Ceremony is for couples that want to have only the celebrant and the 2 witnesses present at their ceremony.

Traditional Ceremony

A traditional ceremony is for couples planning a big wedding with many guests present.

Enjoy Life, Love and Happiness

Di Strong – Authorised Civil Celebrant | Hobart

Other Ceremonies


A name-giving ceremony provides families with a wonderful opportunity to officially welcome their child into the family.

To enhance the ceremony you may include rituals such as the lighting of candles, using bubbles or releasing balloons for other children involved in the day and additional themes to welcome the new child into the family.

Godparents, guardians and grandparents may also play a significant role on the day.

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Commitment Ceremony

Commitment Ceremonies enable couples the opportunity to declare their love openly and with their family and friends.

You will receive a high level of service, inspiration, guidance and support in planning your special day.

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Renewal of Vows

Significant anniversaries are an especially appropriate time for renewing your commitment and love for each other.

It is important in life to take time to pause, reflect and reaffirm.

A renewal of vows ceremony is a meaningful and touching ceremony for yourselves, your children, your families and friends.

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If you would like to proceed

we can then discuss what happens next and especially the legal requirements.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss how I could be of service to you both. We can make a suitable time and place that is convenient to you to meet and start planning.

There is no obligation and if I am not your chosen celebrant I wish you both best wishes for your future happiness together.

My Commitment

As your celebrant, I will work with you to create a professional and memorable ceremony.
  • I will ensure all legal requirements have been adhered to according to the Marriage Act 1961 and that all marriages are registered within the prescribed time frame.
  • I will be professional, approachable and friendly, conducting my celebrant services according to the celebrant’s Code of Practice.
  • I will be available to assist you with all aspects of the ceremony. I will prepare drafts of your ceremony in collaboration with you and ensure that the final ceremony words will be approved by you.
  • I will officiate at your ceremony in a warm and caring way.
  • I will arrive at your ceremony location at least thirty minutes prior to the commencement of the ceremony.
  • I will be available for a rehearsal at a location suitable for you.
  • I will ensure confidentiality and keep all records secure.
  • I will ensure that a registered and appropriate replacement celebrant is available if, through illness or injury I am unable to conduct your ceremony. This will be at no additional cost to you.

Enjoy Life, Love and Happiness


  • $495 – $550 for traditional wedding ceremonies ‘*
  • $400 – $450  basic ceremony with all legal requirements that is personal and intimate with couple and two witnesses or small gathering.
  • $400 elopements
  • $400 vow renewals
  • $400 for namings

Travel expenses apply for travel greater than 50 k’s return trip from Hobart Tas.
Fees are negotiable for special circumstances.

Student discounts can be negotiated

Payment plans are available on request

$100 payable on booking would be appreciated.

The balance of payment is paid at the rehearsal or a week or so prior to the official ceremony date

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